Monday, August 10, 2009

"Are You Ready to Watch Some Cars Get Smashed Up?"

Eastin and I were reviewing last night all the firsts she's had this year. First basketball team. First drama camp. First professional baseball game. First rodeo (that she remembers). First county fair. First day of school coming up.

And last night the girls and I shared another first: our first demolition derby. (Yes, Julie -- I hear you laughing.)

The Woodbury County Fair ended last night with a demolition derby, and Keith wanted us all to experience one. Now, we all know I am just about the prissiest of all prissy little things, but I went with a good attitude. I'm all for new experiences.

And this was an experience. The announcer started things off with, "Are you ready to watch some cars get smashed up???" I wasn't sure how to respond. I don't know how one prepares for such a thing.

But smashed up they got. And many of them apparently had already been smashed up. Really, it's pretty amazing what a licking those vehicles take and they keep going. I leaned over at one point to ask Keith what exactly was the goal to this exercise. He said, "To be the last one still moving." Like a gladiator. Hoo-ah.

It was dirty. It was smelly. It was loud! SO loud!! Lawd amighty, the testosterone was thick like a pea-soup fog. Not that there weren't women involved, but this was most definitely a guy thing. But I suppose I can see the appeal. Even I can imagine the catharsis one could experience in ramming your vehicle into someone else's -- a la "Fried Green Tomatoes". Face it, girls -- I'm older and I have more insurance!

I may have enjoyed it more if I'd known someone involved to root for. Although I did have a momentary connection in one round. You see, all the cars were "decorated" for the event -- which generally meant they had names painted all over them, of personal friends (I assumed) or of businesses they wanted to promote. But one black truck had painted on the side in large yellow lettering: "IOWA THEATER". Real-ly! Keith and I wondered how many Iowa theater supporters were present in the stands. No matter -- I now had a dog in this race. I silently cheered for the black theatrical pick-up and he ultimately was first runner-up.

Keith said, "If a car comes out that says, 'Sioux City Ballet' or 'Miss Prudence's Finishing School', I'm leaving. That just ain't right."

We left after three hours and it wasn't quite done yet. Frankly, I think the entertainment value for me was exhausted in the first hour. The girls said they enjoyed it, though. I'll let them go with Daddy next time. I'm not sure it was a full ten dollars worth of enjoyment for me.

I'd love to meet the guy in the "Iowa Theater" truck, however. Hoo-ah.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I did laugh, not a little, but a lot. How fun for you and the girls. This is going to sound crazy, but, I HATE demolition derby's! It's true. I think they are loud, dangerous and stupid. I do get the gladiator part, but it is just not my thing. I am a racer girl, I love to watch the races, but watching grown men smash cars into each other is not my kind of car sport, but glad you had a good time.
My boys have never even seen a demolition derby, at least not in person. I have no desire to take them or go to one. If Paul wants to take them someday he can, but I think I will drive up to see you and we can watch a chick flick and eat brownie sundaes!!!!!!!!!!
Julie W.

GJK said...

Mmm. Brownie sundaes.