Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Feelin' a Bit Random....

- A couple of my friends who blog have fill-in-the-blank slots on their posts where they name a song they are listening to while they write, or one that fits the mood of their post, I guess. Interesting. I don't think I could do that. Usually, the musical backdrop to my blog-writing is Disney Channel theme songs, which would not fit the mood of my posts very often. And despite being a pretty musical gal, I don't know that I could come up with a song to fit my mood at any given time. Beyond that, I find that introspecting that much on my own mood tends to sour it.

- Our dog is old and sick. Yeah, the old part isn't news, but this sick part is a recent thing. Since we brought him home from the kennel he stayed at during our vacation, he's been really out of it. To be expected to some degree, I suppose -- a week of eating different food, sleeping in a different place, not getting his arthritis meds ... it takes its toll. But he seems to have some gastrointestinal issues going on, too. Poor guy. I would be surprised if he makes it through another Iowa winter. Sniff.

- For the record, doggy diarrhea is TOXIC.

- I'm doing a two-week adult Shakespeare workshop at the community theater and I am so psyched! We spent the last two sessions picking scenes and monologues that we're going to perform at the Rose Garden in Grandview Park at the end. And hold your hats, folks: I'm doing a Kate/Petruchio scene from Taming of the Shrew!! OK, maybe my hat was the only one requiring a firm grip at that news, but you have to understand -- Kate is one of my "before-I-die" roles. I am SO thrilled!

I'm also doing Brutus' "Romans, Countrymen and Lovers" speech from Julius Caesar. I really wanted Antony's "Friends, Romans, Countrymen", but I was too bashful to speak up in time before he gave it to someone else. I could hope that girl gets sick or something, but I suppose that's uncalled for. Oh, and yes, those speeches are supposed to be done by men, but there are only four men in the class of a dozen or so. Lucky for me -- I LOVE those speeches!

- Speaking of Disney Channel, I have not been looking forward to watching the premiere of "Camp Rock 2" in September, and even LESS so after being bombarded with promos for the bulk of 2010. Can you say, "Overkill"?

MOOD: a bit scattered
LISTENING TO: the Phineas and Ferb theme song

"Mom! Phineas and Ferb are making a title sequence!!"

Great show.


Anonymous said...

I seem to remember that you were in "Taming" years ago. What role did you have back then?

GJK said...

Bianca. I had to "kiss" Cappy Conn/Lucentio, and MG cut the play down enough that there really was very little of Bianca. I always envied Sarah Terrell/Kate for getting to do the fun, beating-up-the-guys stuff. :)