Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I haven't written in a while. I've been busy with the homeschool play (which went well), a visit from the in-laws (which also went well), and now getting ready to go to Kansas City for Thanksgiving.

But I have some time here . . quiet, alone time . . . and I'm considering all the things I have to be thankful for. Too many to list. I've had in my FB status every day this month something I'm thankful for -- everything from the mundane (I'm thankful for GoLean Crunch cereal) to the profound (I'm thankful for Art, with a big A).

A moment ago, I took a peek at my "Hello, 2010" post from the New Year. Yeah, I know -- I probably should have waited until the next New Year to do that. But I wanted to see how many of my desires for the coming year have been realized already.

"I want Keith to still enjoy his job." I believe he does. "I want my eldest to have leaped her personal hurdles." And she has. After her mission trip with the 8th graders at church this summer, she's like a new person.

"I want the girls to be happy and thriving in whatever educational environment they happen to be in by that time." So far, so good. "And I want them each to have one or two close friends." Check. And I'm so happy about that.

"I want to be heading up a successful, smooth-running drama ministry at Sunnybrook Church that touches people's hearts, uses people's gifts effectively, and doesn't keep me in a constant state of nervous tension." I was just considering the other day how far we've come as a drama team this year. We have a big Christmas series coming up, and I'm so excited for how it looks like it's going to turn out.

Some desires are still in waiting -- among them, my biggie of having my sleep problems solved. But hopefully, we're getting on the right track there.

Really, I'm so blessed. It's a miserable, cold, drizzly day here in Siouxland . . . we have a long drive ahead this afternoon and evening . . . I'm yawning from my usual state of sleep-deprivation . . . and yet I feel so very, very blessed right now.

May you all have as blessed a Thanksgiving as I will.

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