Thursday, February 10, 2011

Naked Brothers

My youngest has recently discovered re-runs of "The Naked Brothers Band" on Netflix. Insert heavy sigh here.

She has asked me several times why I don't enjoy the show, and I struggle to explain it to her. I could just say it's a matter of preference -- like how I don't care for applesauce. I could also just roll my eyes and tell her it's a Nickelodeon show, for Pete's sake. It's not made for adults to like. But I want her to learn to be a discerning viewer, not a snobby one, so I'm trying to articulate my reasons. It's tougher than you'd think.

For those of you not living in the world of Nickelodeon, let me fill you in. Nat and Alex Wolff are a couple of musical prodigies whom Nick created a TV show around a few years ago. It's a mockumentary about a famous rock band composed of pre-teens and younger. It's super-cheesy and intentionally so. I told the young 'un, I think that's part of my problem with the show. It either doesn't quite go far enough in poking fun at itself, or it doesn't do a good enough job of it. It often seems to be taking its subject matter too seriously, and it's hard to take these kids seriously in the situation this show puts them in.

I also think I just don't care for the personalities of the kids. Alex is a diva brat and Nat is a wimp -- at least their TV show personas are. They're just not likable enough to make me want to tune in.

Now, I will give them this: if these two boys genuinely write and play all the music on the show (which they apparently do), they are VERY talented. They have a few stupid songs, but many of them, musically, are better than what I hear the girls listening to on the radio these days. Unique melodies, interesting chord progressions, fun riffs -- when I can ignore the lyrics, I enjoy the music pretty much. The lyrics leave something to be desired, though. For one thing, it's a bit uncomfortable listening to a kid singing about his love life when he's young enough his voice hasn't even changed yet (I have the same issue with Justin Bieber).

I also just flat out don't like the quality of Nat's voice. Again, it's kind of wimpy sounding -- except when he's pushing it too hard to sound like a rock star. And he has some weird pronunciations . . . too affected. Annoying. You're an American, kid. Sing like one.

I don't know if any of you have young girls who are -- or were -- infatuated with the Naked Brothers, but if so, I would love to hear your take on the show. I wonder occasionally if there's more there than I'm seeing. But . . I don't think so.

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Vianelli and Eastin said...

There is more things than you see mom and you need to learn that. It's an amazing show!