Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Sexes, According To My Daughter

I haven't written for a while -- end of the school year, a fried laptop, and now I'm traveling with the girls to Ohio for a wedding. But my eldest shared in the car yesterday a list she found on her laptop of differences she had noted between her guy friends and her girl friends. I've always thought my daughter has a lot of insight into people -- she reads them well. And here is evidence.

According her my 15-year-old, boys . . .
- Never have final decisions
- Are unobservant, unless REALLY interested in something.
- think about one subject at a time
- love food.
- like compliments, but not cutesy ones.
- are pros at flirting, but can't handle relationships.
- need everything to be obvious, subtle hints don't work. (!!!)
- don't just listen to problems, they solve them.
- only learn from experience.
- jump to conclusions.
- only understand yes or no answers.

Girls, on the other hand . . .
- need a reason for everything.
- have everything connected in their brains.
- crave attention.
- look ahead in relationships, but are very stupid when flirting.
- take everything to the extreme.
- try to analyze every move you make, but get confused.
- cry together over problems, but never get anywhere solving them.
- expect life to be like a TV show or romance novel.

Does anyone else find all this rather accurate and insightful for a 15-year-old? I wish I knew this much about boys at her age. (Of course, having the knowledge and acting on the knowledge are different things . . . )

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Anonymous said...

This is incredibly insightful. The only one I would argue about is the "need a reason for everything". I know that I have always been that way so I am not sure that is necessarily a difference. The others are dead-on from my experience. She is VERY insightful.