Monday, July 15, 2013

Updates . . .

And so we start our new life in San Antonio:

- It is HOT in San Antonio.

- We got here Saturday afternoon and have been moving our stuff into hubby's apartment.  It should be very interesting to have the four of us living together in a two-bedroom apartment for a while -- particularly with the girls sharing a room.  Our eldest has already informed us that she expects to punch one of us in the face before it's all over.  Something to look forward to.

- I am much more comfortable trying to navigate the traffic here in my own vehicle than I was driving my husband's on our previous visits.

- I went to the grocery store yesterday to buy food for us for the week.  Two observations:  one, I know it's always a bit disconcerting to shop in a new grocery store, but this HEB was huge and quite intimidating.  They even sell clothes there.  You know how Walmarts started adding groceries?  This was like a grocery store adding a Walmart.  I couldn't believe how long it took me to get the shopping done.

And two, it's amazing how much food you need to cover the basics for a family of four for a week.  You don't realize how much stuff you just assume is in stock in your well-stocked kitchen until it isn't in stock anymore.  Starting from scratch is costly.

- And it is really hot here in San Antonio.

- However, the mornings and evenings are rather pleasant.  I brought a couple folding chairs and hubby and I sat out on the balcony last night for a while.  Noisy traffic in front of our faces, but at least there is one big tree there blocking some of the view.  It reminded me for a bit of our first year of marriage when we lived in St. Louis, both of us finishing school -- young, poor, newlywed students.

- The youngest is going to Novice Speech Camp this week (and Novice Debate Camp next week).  She was supposed to go to a drama camp this week, but it was cancelled -- and she was very disappointed.  She's not so sure about this Speech camp because she doesn't like making speeches.  But I think she will like the interpretive speeches -- that's basically acting.  We'll see if she likes it (and debate) enough to join the team in the fall.  I kind of hope she does just because I always wished I had taken speech and debate.  Valuable skills to be learned there.

- The eldest is still in mourning, but at least in quiet mourning.  We've got to get back to our online driver's ed class so she can start taking the in-car lessons soon now that we're here.  I wish she wanted to drive as much as we want her to drive.  Now the youngest . . . she's itching to get in a car, but she will have to wait an extra year for her permit here in Texas.  And don't you know she's not happy about that.

- And folks, it is darn HOT in San Antonio!!  But then, it looks like it's pretty hot all over the Midwest these days.  Thankful for a pool in the apartment complex.

House-hunting this afternoon . . . gotta find a house . . .


Aunt V said...

Sounds like an adventure to look back on and tell stories about later!!

Ona Marae said...

That's one of the reasons it's so hard to live on food stamps (SNAP). You can never afford to buy those little extras that stock a kitchen, so if you want to make a recipe during the week, you have to purchase a spice or a condiment...end up making it without it and eating a bland recipe!

Anyhow, so glad you are all there safe and praying that you find the right house and SOON! As a big sister with a sister 7 years younger that I ended up sharing rooms with on occasion....oh my word. what an adventure, said dryly.

I truly pray that San Antonio is a blessing to you and your family, larger grocery stores, delayed permits, speech camps and squished up apartments and all. You have always made the best and found the best in where you lived and I know you will there also.

Go forth and house hunt!