Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Yes, I'm a day late getting a blog posted. Life is ju-u-ust a bit crazy right now. In what sense, you ask? Well . . .
  • My eldest started school yesterday. Senior year at a new school = a big deal. Her day seemed to go well, but she doesn't have any homework yet (other than the assignment the other AP English kids were given to do over the summer that she was given an extra month to complete).
  • Although my youngest doesn't start school until Thursday, I had to attend a teacher training session at her school yesterday and will be there again today. As I described in an earlier post about her school, she does two days' worth of school at home, so we are given extensive instruction on how the school does things so we're all working together well.
  • I'm figuring out the transportation thing: that is, how to get two kids to two different schools in different parts of town on time – and picked up, as well. In a couple weeks, another eighth grade mom will be able to do some carpooling with us that will help that situation, but for right now, it's all me, and I'll be spending a lot of time in my Honda Odyssey learning the ropes of the San Antonio road system.
  • My husband is out of town all week at some training of his own in New York City. A lot of bummer things about that.
  • At about lunchtime today, my eldest's two best friends from New Jersey are coming for an eight-day visit. They planned this trip back in May, before we knew that the girls' school would already be in session and we'd still be in our two-bedroom apartment. Ah, well. We are all excited about them coming – they're good friends, and it has been a long time!
  • The youngest is trying to work up her endurance for cross country by running in the heat of the afternoon every day . . . which means when mom is home, she gets to join her running in the heat of the afternoon every day. Ugh.
  • Did I mention that we're still in the two-bedroom apartment?
Even this post, I'm typing at my meeting location for the day because for some reason, out of nowhere, my computer can't get internet access at the apartment and I don't have time to call someone to get it figure out.  !!!! 

But you know what?  I turn 45 today.  Before I go to bed tonight, I'm going to indulge myself in a big bowl of Sweet CiCi's frozen yogurt loaded up with candy goodies and say happy birthday to me!  :) 

"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well."

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