Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Where Does the Hot Glue Gun Go?

I've been racking my brain this morning trying to think of something brilliant to write about, but my brain is full of unpacking.  I've been unpacking for a week now.  The pile of broken-down boxes on the front porch shows how much I've accomplished, yet the house is still a mess.

I started out basically opening boxes and figuring out what's inside (the labels the movers wrote on the outsides are not all that helpful, really) . . . and then moving them to the correct room.  It seemed like they were asking me where to put almost every single thing they brought in the door, but apparently they slipped some stuff in without questioning me and just made educated guesses -- usually incorrect ones.

Then I started pulling out and putting away stuff that was essential to our daily life: kitchen items, clothes, bathroom stuff, school supplies, etc.  I tried to organize the main living spaces and bedrooms to some degree so we could feel a little more comfortable and at home in at least those parts of the house.

I set aside boxes with nonessentials to be dealt with later: decorative items, old toys, and my piles and piles of books.  Frankly, it's pretty amazing how many nonessentials we have.  I also haven't touched the garage items, because the garage is hubby's territory and I'll let him organize it when he's done traveling (although I did, unsuccessfully, try to maneuver things around so we could fit both cars in the garage -- not happening yet).

But I've kind of come to a lull in the progress. Now I'm dealing with that middle mass of stuff -- things that are not essential for daily survival right now but that we do want easy access to.  Like, where do I store the cleaning supplies?  Where do I put our "office" files?  How about the cooking items I don't use as often?  The board games (we have tons of those, too)?  The last house had more built-in storage in the main living areas.  Now I have to create storage or put things in less accessible places . . . or get rid of stuff.

And I'm actually doing that.  Pat me on the back.  I have a couple boxes set aside to put things in that I'm intending to take to the Goodwill drop-off just down the road.  Eventually.

I really do like this process, the organizing of our lives.  It's just a long and slow process when we have to continue to live life in the meantime.  Anyone want to make a bet on when the last box is unpacked and broken down?  I think I'll be lucky if it's by Christmas.

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