Monday, November 11, 2013

Crime and Blessing

Last Friday evening, our family went to see Taming of the Shrew in a rather obscure little theater near downtown (a requirement for our eldest's AP English class). It was an excellent production.  And then when we left, we found the driver's side window of my husband's car had been broken out and his suitcase was stolen (he had driven there straight from the airport to meet us) as was his work bag containing his laptop, iPad, and various other folders and such.

Kind of put a damper on a nice evening. To say the least.

This was our first experience as victims of a real crime like this. And as such, it was interesting to see
our reactions. Keith told us we could go on home while he called the police and all, but there was simply no way I could leave him alone in that parking lot. Our eldest and I paced beside the car while he talked to the police on the phone (they never came out -- just took info over the phone).

Then he got a call from someone who found one of his work notebooks at the side of the road. She dropped it off at a police station for him, so he had to talk to the police about that, also.

Our youngest opted to sit in the van during all this, so I went to check on her once in a while and fill her in on what was going on. Her calm astounded me. She said, "You know, mom, I've been memorizing those verses we studied in BSF a while ago . . . about how God takes care of the birds and the flowers, so of course he's going to take care of us . . . we're worth much more than they are . .  . God knows what we need before we even ask . . . we don't need to worry about anything . . . this all happened for a reason . . . "

Wow. Preach to your mama, sweetheart.

As hubby and I finally crawled into bed way late, I took my turn praying aloud for the two of us. I thanked God for protecting our family that night. I asked if possible that his stuff could be returned. I asked for everything to go smoothly in the process of getting things repaired, replaced and restored. And after my "Amen", my husband piped up to add something: he asked God to bless the people who had broken into his car.

Bless them??!?  Sigh.

He's right. Yes, Lord, bless them.  We don't know why they went to this effort to take his stuff. If they are in need of money for food or shelter or basic survival, bless them and meet their needs. If they are in the throes of an addiction that drives them to desperate measures, deliver them from that bondage. If they are wrapped up in a dysfunctional community that makes this behavior seem normal and necessary, come to them and draw them away. Bring them to you, Lord. However you choose, in whatever mighty way you can, don't allow this event to go to waste -- use it somehow to bring these people to you.

Wow. I'm humbled and amazed sometimes at the work God has done in the hearts of my loved ones. And excited to see the completion of work He has in progress.


Anonymous said...

Now, (said with tongue in cheek), that work will not be completed until the end of their lives, so don't be too much in a hurry to see the result! Just be in a hurry to see all the steps along the way, for each one is a miracle in itself, as this weekend showed!

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