Monday, July 13, 2015

Seeing Christ in Even This

"A spiritually rigorous saint . . . sees every situation in which he finds himself as the means of obtaining a greater knowledge of Jesus Christ . . . Whatever we may be doing – even eating, drinking, or washing disciples' feet– we have to take the initiative of realizing and recognizing Jesus Christ in it." – Oswald Chambers

Oh, Oswald. He frequently challenges me.

This is true: life is not about self-realization, but about Christ-realization. Only when we come to know Him thoroughly and intimately do we come to know ourselves in any real sense, because we are His children and made in His image.

So, do I do that?

How do I see Christ when I'm writing lesson plans for my daughter's homeschool World History class for next year? I see Christ in the plotline of history, that nothing that has happened was out of His sight or sovereignty. I see His gift of language and love of variety in the many texts and instructional videos I look at to include in the plans. And I see His intimate attention to my daughter as I consider her particular academic bent and how she will absorb this information best.

How do I see Christ when I am revising my play for the smaller number of actors signed up for my drama camp in a week? I see, again, His intimate attention to each of His children reflected in my focus on each individual camper and what parts they can portray. I see His creativity in using story to communicate to His people. And I see His love for us in giving us the joy of story, dance, and music.

How do I see Christ when I'm walking the dog? I see Him in the joy our mutt experiences at the most simple things – smelling a tree, seeing a squirrel, hearing another dog behind a fence, and just being with one of his Persons – God gives me so many simple pleasures that I take for granted. I see Him in the beauty of nature around me, beauty He wasn't obligated to create for my pleasure, but He did.

How do I see Christ when I'm washing dishes? I see Him in the need for order: "a place for every thing and everything in its place" is merely a reflection of the order we see in His universe. I see Him in the need for self-discipline: I discipline myself to do the dishes even when I don't feel like it, and the Spirit gives me the discipline to obey even when I don't feel like it. And I see Him in the cleansing: Christ Jesus who made me clean, once and for all, because I fail miserably in maintaining any cleanliness in my soul.

Oh, Oswald. Thank you for challenging me in this discipline -- to use every situation to obtain a greater knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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