Friday, November 14, 2008

A Word from Eastin

Eastin wants to share a little bit with everyone about how she's doing:

Hi! This is Eastin as you already know. Moving here is pretty hard but I made three new friends Lexi (10) Abigail (7) Debra (10) The latest playdate I had was yesterday with Debra and I've been missing all the people I met in New Jersey I can't wait to go there! I'm going there in the spring it feels like a decade till spring! It's really cold here and it just snowed for three days! But I only got to go out and play once in the snow with Lexi. (Who is our neighbor if you haven't known) We had a snowball fight and I had the biggest snowball in the world! Too bad I missed Lexi with it. It was a good one! Oh, and the funny part about Lexi her name sounds like Leslie! When she was over Mom called, "Lexi!" and Leslie went, "Yeah?" "Your Mom's here!" Isn't that funny? I hope your doing good in New Jersey! I would like to hear from you!

[Gwen's note to self: we need to review run-on sentences in homeschool. :)]

Thank you, Eastin!


mamaofive said...

Hello Eastin,
So glad to hear you are doing well and meeting new friends! Ana will drop a line after she comes back from school. Enjoy the snow, here in NJ is wet, dark, damp, and no snow so its...boring.
Mrs. Hernández

E said...

Ok! I will! I know completely what you mean about no snow and stuff! Eastin.

Robin Shreeves said...


Simon and Jesse will be jealous to hear you've had snow to play in. It sounds like while you miss NJ, there's lots of good stuff going on at your new home.

Take care,
Mrs. Shreeves

E said...

I know it's pretty fun here! It just snowed last night in fact. I will take care. Eastin

Anonymous said...

Hey Eastin!! I love reading your comments! You're so cool!!


E said...

Thank you! You're so sweet! Eastin