Sunday, December 21, 2008

Funny Girls

An annoying obligatory post about funny things my children have said recently.

Leslie: "You know what my name is during Christmas? Essie. (Why?) Because it's no-el."

Eastin: (Singing self-written song lyrics as her rock star alter-ego) "Do you know what today is? . . . no, not Wednesday . . I mean, a holiday . . . no, not Hannukah . . . what are you, French?" (OK, maybe you had to be there, but it was hysterical.)

Both: (While opening their Christmas present together tonight) WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (They got a Wii.)

And now a few from the past:

Eastin at 6: (after having talked for 45 minutes straight to her father and I in our bed early in the morning) "You know, just because I talk a lot doesn't mean I have anything to say." (Ha! You don't often see that kind of self-knowledge in a 6-year-old.)

Mom: I am SO annoyed!
Leslie at 10: Join the club!
Mom: Oooh! Is there a club? Do we have a secret handshake?
Leslie: (Looking at Mom like she's a freak) Yeah! (Pounds her on the forehead with her fist)

Guess you had to be there for that one, too.

I love my girls. They make me laugh. I should remember that more often.


E said...

I know I'm Hilarious!!!! That song was about Christmas that I wrote. Yeah that was funny!!!! Eastin

chief320 said...

Your kids crack me up! I look forward to meeting them some day.