Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Flavor of Lazy Am I?

My friends out there who read World magazine will recognize the name Andree Seu. She's one of my favorite writers. She has a blog ( that I read regularly. Yesterday's post particularly convicted me -- I saved it on my hard drive and had to get it out to read again this morning. It's called "Flavors of Lazy". You gotta read it. It's about how we deceive ourselves into thinking we're anything but lazy simply because we're busy. But Biblical admonitions against laziness aren't about your to-do list.

This paragraph is what is still haunting me this morning:

When I have been assailed by emptiness or loneliness, I have almost always simply gone along for the ride, and let these have their way with me—leading me to where they were leading me. I have said I am tired. I have given myself permission to be controlled by feelings, by circumstances, by fears, by the past, by the future, rather than mounting a vigorous counterattack with truth. Why do we think that “fighting the good fight” of faith is anything but these private wars?

Ouch. Oh, so true. My emotional and spiritual flabbiness puts my pudgy physical body to shame.

Do I hear an "amen", brothers and sisters?