Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another One for the "You'll Never See This in Jersey" File

Keith and I found a brochure at church this morning promoting a Sportsmen's Retreat in April. It's happening at a camp and retreat center called "Inspiration Hills", north of Sioux City a ways, and a pastor who's seriously into hunting and fly fishing is the main speaker. There's a Buy/Sell/Trade Room for getting rid of used equipment. They have workshops on Turkey Hunting . . . Walleye Tips . . . Deer Food Plots, Scents and Calling . . . DNR Regulations . . . Taxidermy . . .

On the list of What To Bring:

- Bedding, towels, personal items.
- Guns, ammo, bows, arrows, fishing rods, lures . . .
- Pictures of your last hunt to share with your friends.
- Favorite hunting videos and DVDs (people watch hunting videos and DVDs??)

Personally, if I went to any kind of spiritual retreat in NJ and someone showed up with guns and ammo, I'd be outa there before they could ask, "So, where do youse throw your bodies around heah?"

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Meredith said...

haha, my friend's fiance would love to make a living at making his own hunting videos. My friend got him a video camera for Christmas just so he could make them and put them on youtube and stuff. Apparently there are entire channels devoted to hunting and just videos of people hunting, WOW!