Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Teenage Boys: Our Future Nemesis

Gotta share this. The girls and I visited their respective prospective schools in Sergeant Bluff this morning. As we were walking through the middle school, we passed by a large window to a computer lab. A couple boys sitting right by the window nudged each other and stared at Leslie as she passed by.

And it begins.

For those of you who haven't ever seen her, my almost-13-year-old daughter Leslie is downright beautiful, and that's not a momma bragging. She really is. Eastin is a cutie, too, but she's too young yet to hit the stage of this kind of beautiful. Leslie's someone I would have been incredibly jealous of if I'd gone to school with her.

She's also shy, and not really sure yet how to initiate new friendships if the other person isn't being really forward about it.

And I've noticed, from situations we've had with boys in the past, that although she seems to be generally wise about the idea of putting off serious relationships, she is also terribly flattered by the idea of any boy being interested in her. And, of course, she has to be nice to everybody.

So, in all, it should be interesting to watch how the whole boy-girl thing happens with Leslie in the next few years. Interesting, and headache-producing.

Now, Eastin . . . Lord help us. She's been boy-crazy since she was five. We'll put the ibuprofen makers out of business when she hits puberty . .

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