Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Latest Challenge

My nine-year-old is getting on my case to update my blog. I'm happy that she's reading -- I'm annoyed that she's getting on my case. :) (Just kidding, hon.)

I have a good reason for not having blogged: I'm been too busy finishing a script. This past summer, I was talking with one of the moms in the homeschool group about drama. We started formulating an idea for how to do a drama program for the group this year. Something for the elementary school kids this fall, then something with the older kids in the spring.

When we were at the idea stage, it all sounded pretty basic. I mean, I've done all this. I've written scripts. I've directed. I've worked with kids. I can do it. No problem! Really, I have much too high an opinion of my abilities sometimes.

We did auditions last week, and I finished the script over the weekend to hand out at rehearsal yesterday. I couldn't really finish it until I knew what kids we had to work with -- how many, what ages and genders, what kind of experience and ability, etc. I've been writing like a maniac. I'm exhausted. I hope it's good -- I'm too close to the thing right now to have any idea of the quality of my work. This is when I need my writer friends (Randy, Lauree . . ) to read my stuff and give me feedback. Although frankly, I'm not sure I want their feedback now, because it's too late. It's copied and out, and I'd rather not hear what I should have done differently with it.

We have about seven weeks until the performance. Seven more rehearsals. Gulp. All the moms keep thanking me profusely for offering this for their kids. I hope they're still thankful when they see the finished product.


Vianelli and Eastin said...

Yes that is a big challenge mom. But it still sounds fun...

Meredith said...

In all that free time, you should write a Hope Christmas concert script!