Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Little Bit of Randomness

* We had Kelsey Crews here for the weekend plus two days. She's a friend from NJ -- one of the girls' favorite babysitters -- who is a Freshman at University of Nebraska this fall. What a sweetie! Gives me hope for the future of this generation to know there are actually kids like that out there. We got to talking about how awful middle school is -- and she said she was an outcast kid in middle school that got teased a lot -- and we talked about how God probably used that to make her who she is today. Rather encouraging.

* Leslie and Eastin both got B's on their most recent science tests. Tests they were stressing about. There was much rejoicing!

* Going to the "Creative Team" meeting at Sunnybrook tomorrow, just to observe and see how the group works. Still figuring out what I need to do about the drama team. I'm hoping I have opportunity tomorrow to sit down and talk to the guy about my hesitations -- I think that will be a good discussion to have.

* Keith is coming home tonight and will be home for four days straight. And there was much rejoicing! Really, his business traveling has gotten out of hand lately. I hope it calms down soon.

* We had rehearsal yesterday for the homeschool drama thing. Of my 12 dancing princesses, 6 were home with the flu. Sigh. We're scheduling an extra rehearsal for them, but that still gives us only three rehearsals left. My co-conspirator in this endeavor told me yesterday that this production is already better than the last one someone did with the homeschoolers. I suppose that's good to hear . . . but it makes me glad I had nothing to do with that last one!

* Eastin's going to be Wonder Woman for Halloween. Anyone who knows her is saying, "Perfect!" Leslie wants to be a hula girl -- we just can't find the hula skirt . . .

* I hate Halloween. Candy (cavities and hyperactivity) and costumes (?!? I'm lucky to dress myself in the mornings . . ). And rude unknown children ringing our doorbell all evening freaking out the dog. Ugh.

* I've got to get a schedule down for blogging. I need to do the writing -- it feeds me, in a way. But life is getting busier all the time and I don't just find the free time to sit and write anymore.

* I love fall. Cooler weather. Colorful leaves.

* Did I mention I hate Halloween?


Christina said...

Middle school is the absolute worst... I really think that if you can survive that age, you will end up okay. You are a great mom, and your girls already have a leg up on everyone else with that going for them: I guarantee it.
As for writing, me too! I have stopped writing in my personal journal almost completely and I feel off-balance because of it.

Miss you and thinking of you!

Vianelli and Eastin said...

Lots of stuff to write about eh?

S & V said...

Aren't you a bundle of cheer! ha!

Meredith said...

You DO need a schedule for your blogging, I miss your updates!! I was happy to see one today :) Yay!