Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Great Cup of Hot Chocolate

This may stun some of you: I had my first trip to a Starbucks today. I don't drink coffee, so I've never had an occasion to go to a Starbucks. But my illustrious Worship Pastor gave me a $10 gift card for Christmas, so I decided it was time to stop in and spend my free money.

While looking at the menu, I decided I made a mistake in making this stop alone. Although I hate coffee and tea, I imagine there was probably a drink or two up there that I might have liked if some experienced coffee shop friend had been there to guide me to it. Nevertheless, they always have the old stand-by for me -- hot chocolate. I got a small cup and a mini-vanilla bean scone (because baked goods are oh, so tempting to me).

I have to say, if that hot chocolate is representative of the quality of their other drinks, I finally understand the Starbucks craze. I think that was the best cup of hot chocolate I've had in years. Creamy, rich, just the right amount of sweetness, just the right amount of chocolateness, just the right temperature. No undissolved grainy stuff floating around. Ah. It really was amazingly good.

I was drinking it when I picked up Leslie at school. She said she'd had hot chocolate at Starbucks (how has my 13-year-old been there when I hadn't yet?), and didn't like it. It was way too cold, and watery. Hmmm. Perhaps they gave her a kids' version or something. Or maybe I just got lucky.

Anyway, I still have credit on my gift card, and I may be stopping at Starbucks more often now. But I think I'll use the drive-thru, now that I know what I want. Then I can resist the baked goods -- which are oh, so tempting to me.


S & V said...

They do have non coffee drinks and I will be happy to escort you when I visit.

Vianelli and Eastin said...