Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting Away

I'm back, folks. I know I haven't written in a while. I was enjoying a nice, long weekend away with my hubby. He had a business trip in Tucson, and I was able to go along on this one. His parents were gracious enough to drive up and stay with the girls. Getting things ready to leave was an eye-opener in itself, all the stuff I had to write down for them to know. Car pool comes at 7:15 . . bus comes at 8:10 . . give the dog his meds before bed . . put the recycling out at the curb Thursday night . . make sure Eastin gets a shower these nights . . lots of details to our lives that I have stored away in my head.

Anyway, they managed fine and we got away to Tucson and the desert. Keith has always said he wants to spend his winters in Arizona when he retires. Golfing, you know. It was lovely terrain around Tucson, but I think if I lived there, I would tire of it. Or I guess I would long for some of what I'm used to around here. Sick as I am of snow right now, I would miss it if I never had any.

This trip was a reward trip for high performing salesmen at Blue Bunny. Keith's not in sales -- he's in marketing. But he's enough of a "higher-up" that he got to go along. We stayed at a two-month-old Ritz-Carlton north of town, nestled in the mountains. Fanciest hotel I've been in in a LONG time. Our bathroom looked like a museum. Felt like a desecration to pee there.

Keith got to play golf on Friday. I went on a desert jeep tour. We had Saturday to ourselves, and that was the highlight of the trip: simply being alone with my husband. I miss that. I mean, I love my kids and I was happy to get back home to them, but heavens -- couple time alone is a precious commodity these days. We didn't even have to do anything exciting. We spent a lot of time laying in bed, watching the Olympics. But it was wonderful.

So, you'll have to forgive me for not blogging on the trip. I'm sure you understand.

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