Monday, June 7, 2010

Where's the Hidden Camera?

So, Leslie and I are sitting on the bleachers watching Keith's co-ed softball team -- Eastin's at the playground nearby. It's just a bit chilly and I'm wondering how long we're going to last here.

Suddenly, Leslie says, "Mom! That plant is growing into the ground!"

I look where she's pointing, thinking she means the ends of the leaves are stuck in the ground or something. And then I see it: a small stem of a dandelion looks very much like it's sinking.

I step off the bleachers and up to the fence to get a closer look. Nothing. The wind rustling the leaves a bit. I climb back onto my seat wondering if my eyes were playing tricks on me or what.

And then Leslie and I gasped in unison as the four large leaves of this dandelion plant start slowing sinking into the ground. They stop a moment, and then they're suddenly sucked away completely.

Absolutely the most freakish thing I've ever seen. I started to wonder if Candid Camera was filming us. We'd have been a sight with our mouths all agog and our eyes buggin'.

I called Keith over and showed him the spot where this dandelion used to be. He and another player looked the ground over and saw a hole indicating the presence of some kind of underground critter. Yeah, that's the only explanation I could think of.

The game continued and we watched . . . watched the rest of the dandelions, that is. The game wasn't nearly as fascinating as the plant life. We were just about to give up on our critter when another one bit the dust. One leaf . . two leaves . . . and pop, it was no more. Wow.

Maybe the rest of you won't find this so intriguing. But it sure made our night!


Anonymous said...

And everybody thought I was going crazy.... lol


Anonymous said...

Julie W.

Anonymous said...

That is amazing! Sounds like a scene in Caddy Shack!