Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Emergency Room

I pulled the car over yesterday because my eleven-year-old daughter suddenly sounded like she was drunk. I made her look at me and told her to speak as clearly as she could. "Ahm trah-ing to," she slowly spit out. It looked like the right side of her mouth wasn't moving right. I asked her if it felt weird and she said kind of. "Izz juss I cann . . mebbe I need tuh see a dotter . . " Yes, I think so. My mother died of a massive stroke -- her mother died of a stroke -- not taking chances with this.

After a quick stop at our family doctor's office, which was right nearby (and during which the numbness left her mouth . . and moved to her right hand . . and then her right leg . . . and then back to her mouth . . . ), we drove to the emergency room. By that point, all the numbness was gone, but her head ached and she was very sleepy. And she was struggling to speak right. Fighting to find the words she wanted. Substituting words that sounded similar. When the doctor said to her, "Repeat after me: 'No ifs, ands, or buts'", she said, "No ifs . . and . . is but." He looked at me and asked, "Is this a normal vocal pattern for her?" I shook my head intently; no, it most certainly is not.

They did an MRI and several other small tests. We're supposed to call to schedule an EEG this morning. After we'd been there for three or four hours, and Dad and sister had shown up, she was quite back to normal which was a tremendous relief. The doctor's best guess was that it was a migraine or some kind of seizure. Thus, the EEG. We'll see what that shows.

A rather scary evening. I appreciate all your prayers.

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Donna said...

How very scary, Gwen! I'll be praying for her and for you.