Friday, December 16, 2011

Questions, Questions

So, the youngest and I just got back from a Mitt Romney rally at Missouri Valley Steel here in Sioux City. (She started getting another big headache and is lying down now . . . you might say a prayer for her.) I'm not sold on voting for Romney yet, but we figured, as someone said recently, if your child grows up in Iowa and never shakes hands with a future president, it's your own fault. We haven't been able to see any Republican candidates live yet, and the campaign's almost over, so we took advantage of the opportunity this morning.

The rally was fine. Romney was just what I expected. Seems like a fine man. He's definitely in my top tier of choices. There are just so many things to consider in a presidential candidate.

Do I agree with their policy ideas, their agenda, the direction they want to take the country? I think most all of the Republican field, I would say yes to this one, in general. They're all at least much more safely in that direction than Obama is. (Although Ron Paul's foreign policy ideas scare me . . . he may be right, but they still scare me.)

Do I think they really believe what they say they believe? Or are they just saying what I want to hear to court my vote? Hmmm. I have to say, that's something Paul has going for him. You know where the man stands and I have no doubt he's sincere. I think most of the others are sincere, too. I don't have an issue, necessarily, with the "flip-flops" Romney and Gingerich are accused of. People are allowed to be wrong and change their mind.

Another VERY important one to me: will they be able to accomplish what they say they want to accomplish? If I could ask each candidate one question, that would be it. Just how are you going to get Congress on your side to do all you want to do? 'Cause Congress is very important . . .

Do I trust them to make good decisions in a crisis? Seeing how I don't think we have seen any of these people in a major public crisis situation, this one has to go on my gut feeling. I don't have good gut feelings about Bachmann, Perry, Huntsman . . .

And are they generally a person of character? Again, got to go with your gut. Here's where Gingerich has problems, and not just because of the affairs. He strikes me as a man who struggles with pride and discipline. There are a lot of things I like about the guy, but voting for him would feel like building a house on the sand.

And very important right now -- can they get elected?

I take this voting duty very seriously. Especially as an Iowan. I intend to be at a caucus on January 3rd, and I'm very excited to be a part of this process. So, you can expect a fascinating post here on January 4th. ;)

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