Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spring Play, Third Edition

Kim and I started our spring drama program yesterday for the middle and high school homeschoolers. We're "auditioning" for the first two or three sessions, because this is a different kind of play. It's kind of a Godspell-style version of the Sermon on the Mount. And we have music, music that will hopefully be accompanied by our own students on stage.

Here's the kicker: we have thirty-seven kids. Thirty-seven!!!! If you've read about this homeschool drama program before here, you know that I try very hard to give every kid in every play a moment in the spotlight -- an intriguing character, a funny line, a memorable bit, something to ensure that they enjoy their part. That will be a serious challenge with thirty-seven kids.

And the music . . . really, I think I may have finally truly bitten off more than I can chew. I don't know these instruments. I can hear in my head what I'd like it to sound like, but I don't know if I can get a bunch of mostly inexperienced young musicians to re-create what's in my brain.

Add to this the fact that the content of this play is inherently pretty theological, and I expect to have at least one parent complain about something in the script. "This isn't really how we interpret this passage . . . can you change it for my kid? . . . our denomination reads this in this way . . . can you rewrite the ending? . . . this section sounds legalistic . . . this seems a bit irreverent . . . " Sigh.

On the other hand, this is SUCH a great group of kids! It was exciting and energizing to be back with them yesterday. And we had a bunch of new ones who were fantastic! That makes it all so exciting. And knowing this may be my last play with this group adds some poignancy to the whole process.

Overall, this new drama venture is feeling a bit overwhelming right now. But kind of overwhelming in a good way. Like, we're stepping out into territory where God has to take over. And it's scary and exciting to anticipate what God is going to do.

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