Friday, March 2, 2012

Trying to Embrace Change and Buffalo

Hubby's latest job prospects include two positions in Buffalo, New York. Scratch that -- three different positions in two different companies in Buffalo, New York. Suddenly Buffalo is the place to be.

Buffalo. Honestly, it just doesn't sound the least bit inviting.

It sounds cold. This is probably a bad time of year to consider moving someplace cold -- I'm already cold. And it sounds far north, like Sioux City, where the winter nights are lo-o-ong. And it sounds northeast. We've already done northeast: ten years in New Jersey. I enjoyed our time there, still have friends I miss there, but you know . . . if we have to move again, I want to do something different.

Which brings me to hubby's latest idea. During his last interview there, he stayed in a hotel downtown, and on returning he proposed to me, "What do you think of living downtown for a change?" Something other than the suburban mcmansion life. Hmmmm!!!

Much to be considered there. First of all, I want to be sure we're somewhere safe. And I want to be sure the girls' educational options are safe and high quality. We could homeschool, but the girls would still need social connections, and how difficult would it be to make good friends living downtown? I don't know.

And urban life has never sounded attractive to me before -- concrete, cars, buses, big buildings, noise, trash . . . I fear I would start craving green grass and twittering birds. But I suppose not all downtowns are like that. And not all parts of any downtown are like that.

For some elusive reason, this proposal was inviting to me. I think the main appeal here is, again, something different. A different culture. A different way of life. I'm imagining living within walking distance of places we frequent. Grocery shopping at little markets instead of massive megastores, and maybe shopping in smaller spurts rather than one huge trip a week. Worshipping at a smaller church, with different "clientele", as it were, different ministry opportunities. And another opportunity to "unstuff".

It might be nice to shake things up and try something new, at least for a little while. If we hate it, I guess we can always move back to the suburbs. But change is coming in our lives . . . and we may as well make it a significant change, yes? A meaningful change, yes? A change that opens our perspective on the world and on ourselves . . . yes?


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