Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Next Adventure

I’m excited today.  And nervous.  I’m announcing my new website:  Acting Out! Christian Dramas.  I’ve had so many people over the last couple years tell me I need to sell my dramas I’ve written, so I decided to give it a shot.

Let me tell you what you’ll find here.  There are three full-length plays that I wrote for the middle and high schoolers in our homeschool drama program; the last one was a musical.  There are three one-act (30-minute) plays I wrote for the younger homeschoolers.  And there are scads of sketches written for Sunday morning services to introduce sermons.  A few of the shorter sketches are free – you can download them right now.  Everything else has an excerpt you can download to get the idea before you buy it.
I’ll be adding stuff as I continue to write.  I’m encouraging people to sign up for a monthly email, so when I add new stuff, you hear about it and can take a look.
I don’t mind telling you: this is a serious stretch for me. I’m rather nervous about opening myself up for public criticism of my work by people who don’t already know and love me.  More than that, I’m quite the techno-idiot so just getting this all together and going was stressful.  One service to give me the website platform . . . another to deal with payment . . . another to deal with the digital downloads . . . and I may need to use another for the monthly emails.  Good grief!!  I’m certainly learning a lot; I’m just not sure any of this is stuff I wanted to learn.
I’m not necessarily looking to make a lot of money at this.  (Although, of course, I’ll be thrilled with any money I do make.)  I just figure, I have all these scripts just sitting on my laptop now.  SOMEBODY out there could surely use them.  SOMEBODY out there may be desperately looking for a two-act play with a Christian theme for teenagers to perform, simple to stage, flexible in cast size, fun and entertaining . . . and here I’ve got “Pilgrim’s Progress”, sitting dormant in my files.  Mainly, I’m hoping I don’t lose money on this venture.
I learned while running a Creative Memories business in New Jersey how much I hate sales.  I hate promoting myself and my product.  I’m kind of hoping others will do it for me.  J  So, here’s my request to you, my faithful readers and friends.  If you know anyone who might have use for my scripts (churches, children’s and youth ministries, Christian schools, homeschool groups, etc.), please pass on my website to them with a kind word about the work therein -- especially those of you who have seen my work staged and can vouch for its quality.  I so very much want to know that God’s using this stuff out there somewhere.  Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Gwen, I just had some thoughts you may want to consider bEFORE you sell any of your things online.....i'll FB Message you my phone number, because it's too dang long to type could give me a call before 11:15 mountain time today or sometime tomorrow morning or is a possibility i don't k now if you have checked out and it might be something that could make the sales easier. So call me Spesh....anything that makes the process easier has to be a good deal!