Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Bondservant's Life

When I first received my copy of The Bondservant's Life by John Brenner Chandler to review, I groaned a little inside.  It's huge.  It's heavy-looking -- physically and mentally.  I wasn't sure I was up to reading something like this right then.

I'm not groaning anymore.  It is physically huge and mentally heavy -- in fact, I'll confess I haven't even finished reading it yet.  But that's because I'm chewing slowly on the profound insight and wisdom in this wonderful tome.

This is a big, broad analysis of what is involved in taking on the mantle of "bondservant" of Christ.  It analyzes scripture indepth; it describes ancient covenants and the different covenants in scripture; and ultimately (I see by the table of contents) gets into spiritual warfare.  Maybe it's just where I'm at in my own spiritual walk (many of these themes I've been studying on my own recently, which is why I requested the book), but I am filled to the brim with each chapter I read.

Now, note:  this is not light reading or easy reading.  This isn't one to take to read on the drive home to see family for Christmas.  This is one to plot out a half hour every day starting in the new year to read, meditate over, and pray through.  And I highly recommend doing that.  For the serious believer wanting a serious relationship with Christ, I can't think of anything more beneficial than to truly understand and absorb the principles related here.

Here's where you can get The Bondservant's Life from the publisher.  You can buy it with the Amazon gift card you get in your Christmas stocking.  :)

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from in exchange for an honest, objective review. 

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