Monday, October 28, 2013

Mexican Breakfast Dishes for $400, Alex

An imaginary conversation with your standard Texan:
    “What did you have for breakfast?”
    “A breakfast taco.”
    “Ah – I've had breakfast burritos, but breakfast tacos are new to me. What's in a breakfast taco?”
    “Eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, cheese, salsa. That kind of thing.”
    “Same stuff that's in a breakfast burrito, huh?”
    “But it's a breakfast taco.”
    “So, the tortilla is folded in half instead of wrapped around the filling.”
    “No, a lot of times it's wrapped around it all.”
    “Like a burrito.”
    “But it's a taco.”
    “Yep. A breakfast taco.”
    “Not a breakfast burrito.”
    “Why isn't it called a breakfast burrito?”
    “Sweetie, you're in Texas now.”
    The Lone Star State – where you can call a burrito a taco just 'cuz dat's whut it is, y'all. Sometimes, it seems that Texas is just all about being Texas. 

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