Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 2 . . ugh . .

Well, we ended our second day of travel in South Bend, Indiana. And frankly, it's been a lousy day! It started with a bad night's sleep -- back to the Ambien tonight. Then, I got a speeding ticket this morning. All my fault . . I was distracted and forgot I had a cruise control on the car. Then when we got to the hotel tonight, I realized I left my cell phone at the last hotel this morning. Grrr!

The experience wasn't all a total loss, though. I managed to squeeze a spiritual lesson out of it all. The policeman who stopped me this morning was none too nice about it. When he went back to his car to write up the ticket, the girls kept asking, "Why does he have to be so mean??" I tried to explain to them that policemen never know what to expect when they stop someone, that they often get people with an attitude who just argue and make excuses for themselves. Which I didn't do. Just then, the cop came back and let me know that he was going to give me a break and not indicate on my ticket that the offense was in a construction zone (save me the doubling of the fine).

I have been talking with the girls lately about the need to humble yourself when you know you've done something wrong -- to 'fess up right away and take the consequences without making excuses. About how Jesus showed love to the "sinners" he hung out with because they never pretended to be anything but sinners. It was the Pharisees who claimed to have it all together that got his wrath. And here came a perfect object lesson for that truth. I just hope it isn't a terribly expensive one . .

I know many of you are praying for us. Please don't stop now! We're only half-way there, and already the dog's sleeping drugs are sounding tempting to me. Lord knows I need a good night's sleep! :)


Robin Shreeves said...

Don't take the dog's sleeping pills!

Sorry for your rough day. I've got my growth group with Missy, Challey, Teresa, and Amy this morning. I'll be sure we pray for you all and your travels.

E said...

So sorry about that Hard Day. I'm sitting on my bed reading this and it's really rough! Eastin.

Barb said...


Why are you moving to Iowa? I must have not been on the list because I'm in the dark. I got the last email with your blog address and have been following. Take care!

Barb Willard