Friday, October 10, 2008

Whoever's praying for me to learn patience, CUT IT OUT!

Not a good title, because I'm refusing to let myself be negative tonight. But it got your attention, right? :)

We're lounging in the Quality Inn in Cedar Rapids, watching Harry Potter for the umpteenth time. I won't go through the litany of little frustrations we experienced today -- the construction, the tolls, the traffic (I think driving through Chicago cured me of my complaints about Philadelphia). Instead, I'm going to talk about the little blessings the girls and I were recalling today.

The dog has been a dream. I had all sorts of fears about traveling with him but it's been great. And he's learning to love his bed, which will come in handy in the new house.

The weather's been gorgeous. Bright and sunny. And it's easy to appreciate that when you can see the sky from horizon to horizon.

Pennsylvania was absolutely gorgeous to drive through. The leaves are turning and the mountains were breath-taking.

Despite my lack of a full-night's sleep either night, I haven't been sleepy while I was driving. Tired, but not sleepy really.

And considering all we're going through, the girls have been doing well. Tuesday night was awful -- I mean, I knew there would be tears, but I truly wasn't expecting the avalanche of grief that fell on us all. But we're past that. Just wanting to get settled in one place again. Leslie even commented today how amazed she was that she has yet to get bored in the car.

So, despite the ticket and the lost phone, I shouldn't complain too much. As my dear friend Eileen says, "Apparently the Lord believes I require further sanctification." :)

The final leg of the journey tomorrow . . .


Brian said...

We'll continue to pray for a safe trip. I'm glad the dog is traveling well, and you've been able to stay awake despite the tiredness.


E said...

It was pretty hard when it happened to me. Hard! Eastin

Debi said...

Love the updates...especially from E!