Monday, April 6, 2009

Little Tidbits

- Yesterday was Palm Sunday. We left church amid blowing snow. The weatherman had predicted 10 to 12 inches possible, but by the time we were done with lunch, the skies were clearing. Still, it was weird to have snow on the first Sunday in April.

- The girls had their first of three mornings of ITBS tests today. They were both a little anxious because they'd never had to do this kind of thing before. I briefed them on the way over about the little "bubbles" you fill in on these kinds of tests, which Eastin in particular found fascinating. I didn't want them to look (and feel) like idiots because they didn't know how to fill out their answer sheets. Interesting, the life experiences that our society decides make up a "normal" childhood -- walking quietly in straight lines, filling in "bubbles" on a computerized answer sheet, responding like one of Pavlov's dogs to a buzzer indicating recess time.

- We finally got ALL the boxes out of the Murphy bed bedroom. Keith did a marathon dump session on Saturday. Yay for Keith! We now have ten or more boxes of paper trash sitting in the garage, waiting to be picked up with the recyclables on Friday. We also have several boxes of garage sale items in the garage waiting for June. And about seven boxes full of books to take to the Library for their book sale. And two boxes of homeschool curriculum to take to a friends' house for her to sell for me at the local used curriculum sale going on while we're out of town (also three boxes full of empty binders for her to give away there). And there is still the occasional box or two stashed away somewhere that we're going to get to later. (Yeah right -- they'll probably stay there until we move again!)

- Keith's family is coming this weekend for Easter (this is what prompted us to finally get the Murphy bed bedroom cleared out -- we need access to the bed). Mom, Dad, sister Vicki, sister Sandy, brother-in-law Deston, and cousins Hannah and Ashlyn. Oh, and dog Auggie. Not only have I not hosted Easter with the family before (I don't think), but we haven't even been with the family for Easter for years. Here's hoping all goes well . . .

- Our "trial" small group from church decided we like each other well enough to continue meeting. And now I'm the group leader. Because no one else volunteered. Story of my life.

- Keith was in Minneapolis for a business trip weekend before last and got a new car while he was there. An '08 Infiniti, grayish-silver. None of the rest of us have even ridden in it yet. But it looks pretty, and now I don't have to worry about his other car breaking down on the way to or from work.

- The girls and I are leaving the Thursday after Easter for two and a half weeks on the east coast. I'm a bundle of mixed feelings about the matter: stressed about all the little details involved, thrilled to see my friends again, excited about all the historical sites we'll be going to, anxious that the goodbyes will be as awful as they were in October. The girls are so excited!!! Our friends, the Redekers, just welcomed their first grandbaby and we'll get to see it.

- I saw "The Producers" at the community theater over the weekend. Can't believe I never saw this show before. Wish I could see it with a stronger cast than this one was.

- Keith just emailed me and told me he's in a meeting, watching a video about the influence of mommy bloggers--like me! Can't wait to hear about that.

- Did you know that the name Wendy was made up for the book Peter Pan? There was never a recorded Wendy before that. Now you can go back to your drab lives having been enlightened with that little tidbit! :)

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Robin Shreeves said...

Gwen - somehow I missed that you were coming back east. I'm excited! Can't wait to see you.

I'm very proud of how you're finding new homes for all of your stuff or recycling it instead of taking the easy way out and dumping it at the curb.

And I love the little piece of useless trivia about the name Wendy. I live for that type of stuff.