Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Morning

Just a quick catch-up on things while the girls are getting dressed . . .

We had a WONDERFUL weekend in Voorhees! I got to go to a surprise wedding shower for my friend Karen on Saturday -- SO great!!! We stayed the last two nights with our friends the Ellises (better known to some of you, probably, as Megan, Drew and Julianna's family). Eastin's been dying to see Drew. At home, she has a prayer journal from her Sunday School class with him at Hope last year. Between the pages of scriptures and prayers that her teacher had them write, she wrote little notes to Drew in class. Once in a while now, she gets that journal out, sits on her bed, and just turns through the pages, crying. "I miss Drew! He was my first friend!" It's rather heart-breaking.

We soaked in every moment we could at Hope Church yesterday morning. Then I had a bite of lunch with friends Lauree and Randy and had the privilege of sitting and picking Randy's brain for a while after that. I miss Randy -- my personal mentor. I feel sometimes like I should be paying him for all the information, insight and encouragement he gives me (he'd probably appreciate that!). Maybe he should become a Personal Coach . . . HA! Sorry -- if he reads that, he may just run for the hills. :)

Last night, Debi and I took the girls to see the Hannah Montana movie. It was . . . okay. I don't know why they can't make movies like that with more plausible plots. Yes, I realize the entire Hannah Montana premise is less than believable . . . and I know that the goal here was mass marketing, not great art . . . but still. Throw us mommies a bone, huh? If I don't get that "Hoedown Throwdown" song out of my head, I may shoot myself. But I still love "The Climb". And she sang a sweet little song with her dad, too.

We're leaving here in a few minutes for Boston. Well, technically for Plymouth -- that's where we're staying. I'm NOT looking forward to the drive. Maneuvering around the NYC area is not a good time. So, if you read this on Monday, say a quick prayer for me. Or, if you read it later, pray anyway -- I have to drive back on Friday, too!

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Meredith said...

Not sure if you will read this while you're away, but from living in the NY area I have a preferred method of traveling up there. I totally avoid the city and take NJTP to the GSP which goes up into NY, turns into 287, goes over the Tappan Zee and then 287 takes you to 95 where you can continue into CT and MA. By now you're probably already up there, so going home is the issue. Take 95 S to 287 W in CT/NY, then go over the Tappan Zee Bridge to exit 14A for the Garden State Parkway. Then exit 129 for the turnpike. Then homesailing... There's probably a very slim chance that this will help you bc you might not read it, but hey, I just killed 5 minutes at work, woo hoo! haha