Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Leslie's Birthday and more

Hi, it's Leslie.

Well, since Eastin wrote about her birthday, I decided I'd write about mine. Except I'm writing mine late. My birthday was actually April 30th. Yes, the day right after Eastin's!

After a nice, hot, educational, tiring trip in Virginia, we headed back to my friend Amanda's house in NJ. She and her mom had accompanied us to VA. Don't get me wrong! I had fun, and loved VA, but it had it's ups and downs. In the middle of the car trip, maybe near the end, we picked up my friend Sammy and her two sisters. That was fun too. Just so you know, Amanda is 14 (almost definitely), Sammy is 10 (I'm pretty sure), Julia is 8 (I think), and Chloe is 4 (I'm pretty sure). :-)

Well, not much happened on my birthday besides that. Tonight, though, we went to dinner at Olive Garden, one of my favorite restaurants! And we're getting a new basketball hoop! Yes! I got lots of other fun presents too. But I'm happy to say I didn't ask for any presents from my friends at my birthday party, I asked for toys to give to CHOP, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia!

Well, I would love to say more, but I could write for hours and it's getting late. Maybe I'll write more later. Talk to all later, Blog Readers!


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Anonymous said...

I hope you can keep gleaning the fun moments and that you have good memories of your birthday!
Mrs. H.