Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'm trying something new for my sleep problems. I did some research on the internet and found out, for one thing, that there's a name for what I have: Periodic Limb Movement Disorder. Someone was in a creative slump when he came up with that one. But I also found some herbal remedies proposed as a solution, which perked my interest. I'm not a big fan of the better-living-through-chemistry movement. I'd really rather not have to stuff my body with chemicals every night to sleep, if it can be avoided.

So, I stopped by a local nutrition place and found something all loaded up with the appropriate herbs and such -- Valerian root, Passionflower, Magnesium, etc. etc. Not sure yet if it's going to work or not.

Someone else had suggested to me that I get one of those whole body detoxes. Said it might flush all the toxins out of my system and make a difference in my sleep. I've read some good things about those -- and I've also read that they're a bunch of baloney. So, I asked about it on Facebook. Some people think they're great; some people think they're baloney.

It's all rather frustrating. I mean, who are you supposed to believe? Really -- about anything? I have the same aggravations every four years during the presidential campaigns. Both sides will pull out their experts and their facts and their evidence for their side of every question. But which experts, facts and evidence are we to actually put our trust in?

I find that I put very little trust in anyone anymore. And I find that very sad. Not that I'm suspicious of people's motives -- I don't think they're all lying to me. But they are as likely to be mistaken as not . . or they may very well be lying to themselves.

Now THAT's a fascinating phenomenon to me. Self-deception. We tell ourselves things that we know are not true, and we believe ourselves! How sick are we?

Leslie said the other day that she wished there was a book out there with the name of every human being in history and God's specific directions for them for their lives. "Gwen Kandt: extra Melatonin, less refined sugar, and stop watching American Idol". That would be handy, I suppose. I tried to explain to her how huge a book that would be, but it occurred to me that just all the instructions for me alone would fill a monstrous tome. Bibliophile that I am, would I really read it? And would I follow directions? I do a pretty lousy job with the ones I have from Him now . . .

Hmph. This isn't a terribly uplifting post, is it? Blame it on the PLMD brain fog. And pray my new Valerian root concoction does the trick. After months -- and perhaps years -- of sleep deprivation, I'm anxious to see what the real me is like when she gets a decent night's sleep.

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