Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Marital Implosion

Leslie has become a huge "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" fan. She DVR's almost every episode as they re-run, so I've seen much more than my share of the Gosselins. And I've usually found them relatively enjoyable.

Until yesterday. Leslie taped the season premiere and we watched it over lunch. I'd heard all the rumors floating around about the couple, but I'd heard they'd decided they weren't going to address them at all on the TV show.


For an hour and thirteen minutes, I got more and more depressed watching these two people whose marriage is clearly coming apart at the seams. I almost cried. How terribly sad. Why in the world did they do this episode? Shut off the cameras! Get thee to a counselor! I heard somewhere that Jon only agreed to do another season if Kate would agree to marriage counseling -- and that the producers had to talk her into the counseling. More rumors . . who knows.

But there was no denying the train wreck witnessed on the season opener. Jon's apparently not living at home much. Kate expected this to be their last family picture. Only one minute of the customary commentary with them sitting together on the couch. All sprinkled in with shots of the sextuplets fifth birthday party. Too sad.

For anyone who has watched the show much at all, this really shouldn't be a big surprise. I've frequently cringed at the way Kate speaks to and about Jon. And the deer-in-headlights looks he has afterwards -- or the shrug-and-eyeroll -- tell it all. She shames him. Shame on her. I often tried to excuse it; I mean, it's not like the couple isn't under tremendous stress. But it looks more and more like a pattern of behavior -- rooted in a pattern of thinking and beliefs -- than a temporary stress reaction. And why they continue to add the stress of displaying it all for public consumption, I will never understand.

I prayed for them this morning, because it made my heart heavy to watch them yesterday. And I apologized to Keith for anytime I've treated him with such disrespect. God help us all. Marriage is HARD.


Rudy said...

Amen, Mrs. Kandt. I reacted the same way. Kate needs to admit her powerlessness over the need to control and get herself to a 12 step program. Wow. I feel really bad for the kids. I pray that someone can help them. Shame on the producers for airing it as they did. Money is evil.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I am not the only one who saw what I saw. I have always felt that Kate belittled Jon. He always looked deflated with a look of, why did I even bother to speak? I pray for the couple too and the kids. I think they need to stop worrying about the "show" and return to try and be a family.