Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm Such a Sorry Sap

Wow. I just saw that I haven't blogged for eleven days. I'm wondering why . .

I think it's because I've been sick. Not, like, deathly ill or anything. But about a week and a half ago (coincidentally, the day of my last post), I started coughing in the evening. I slept most of the next day and slept on and off a couple days after that. Since then, I've been hacking away like a chain smoker and haven't had much energy. I went to the doctor Friday and got on an antibiotic. We'll see if it helps me feel better.

Right now, I'm mainly feeling like a wimp. Think of all the people out there who live with serious chronic illnesses, day in and day out. A little bit of a cough (OK, it's a pretty bad cough, but still just a cough) has knocked me out of real life for a week and a half. How pathetic!

I had a friend in Jersey with Multiple Sclerosis. She was uncomfortable in one way or another most of the time. I remember a time period when she had to have a very painful shot every day -- painful enough that when her husband administered it, they would shut themselves in a far back room, with the kids watching loud videos at the other end of the house, so they wouldn't hear her yell. But she never complained. And she was always busy and active and seemed energetic.

How do such people do that? Yeah, yeah . . simple answer is, God enables them. But by what mechanism? Is it like the blind person whose hearing becomes remarkably acute to make up for the lack of sight?

And what about the chronically ill out there who are not so heroic? We never hear about them. Do they outnumber the heroes or not?

In any case, I'm disappointed with myself. I've gotta snap out of it. School starts in about a month, and there's a lot of stuff I intended to get done this summer . . . which I have NOT yet gotten done. Harumph.

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chief320 said...

I pondered writing to you to ask "what's up?". It has certainly been too long since you wrote.

I hope you are feeling better now.