Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Keeping House

- We have bugs. In the basement. Big, black, beetle-looking . . ew. I usually find them dead . . ewww . . but sometimes they're still crawling. Ugh. Seriously. I'm not usually a squeamish person about bugs. I'm all about squoosh 'em, flush 'em, and move on. But there's something about these . . they keep popping up . . like something in a horror movie . . "they're BA-A-ACK". I'm creeped out. Ew -- ew -- EWWW!

- We're painting some shelves to mount in Leslie's room. I'm depressed. I mean, I have a Master's degree, yet I can't manage to put a couple of coats of paint on some flat boards without making a royal mess of it all. I'm reading a book that talks about different kinds of intelligences -- body/kinesthetic, musical, spatial, linguistic, logical/mathematical . . . OK, so whatever kind of intelligence this task requires, I do NOT possess it. But as you can see, I can do a fine job of writing about the endeavor. I know where my talents lie.

- We have another electric dog fence; Keith and I are supposed to set it up tonight. It's a "wireless" one -- no digging up the yard to bury wire. Sounds good -- hope it works. It will be nice to be able to let the dog hang out outside. I'm sure he'll love it. And maybe he will leave less of his calling cards around the house for me to find and clean up.

- Still have piles of yard sale/giveaway stuff in the basement and garage. I think I've given up on the yard sale idea. Just can't make myself do it. It's easier to drop it off at Goodwill and take the tax credit. I'm not a salesperson, you know. Just working to my strengths again.

- I have to find the instructions for our thermostat and figure out how to re-program it for the summer. I've been leaving it off most of the time and opening the windows when we get hot, but it's starting to get too warm during the day for that. Yesterday I turned it on in the afternoon. By this morning, the main floor was FREEZING. It's still set to go down to 64 or so at night, as we had it during the winter. JU-U-UST a bit chilly. Gotta take care of that . . .

Always something to take care of. Tell me again why home ownership is such a great thing.

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victoria said...

Ah Gardner and Multiple Intelligences. I love that stuff!