Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Twenty Years and Counting

Twenty years ago today, I married my brown-eyed handsome man. It was apparently the hottest day of the summer, and I was told later that the air-conditioning in the church wasn't working. I didn't know. I was already flushed. :)

We went out to dinner and a movie last weekend to celebrate. (I know a movie doesn't sound exciting, but we both have been dying to see the new Harry Potter.) Raspberry's Bistro . . grilled scallops and exotic mac and cheese . . chocolate souffle . . white zinfandel . . I love being able to afford nice restaurants once in a while now. And Harry Potter was a pleasure, too -- although I have a few choice words for the writer of the screenplay (which, I have to admit, would be a very unenviable job). We don't have any other big plans to celebrate. I'm grilling ribs tonight, and we're going to watch the wedding video with the girls. And hopefully send them to bed early.

I wish I felt better. I'm still coughing a lot (although I think it may be getting a little better with the steroids the doctor gave me Monday). But now I also have a sore throat. And I hardly slept the night before last, which is just catching up to me today. This really is getting ridiculous. I don't remember the last day I felt healthy.

But, it is a big day. So, if you'll indulge me, I'll do a little low-key, low-energy celebrating here by recounting a handful of the many things I love about my husband.

He has awesome brown eyes.

He has strong hands and arms, which make for great backrubs and hugs.

He researches major purchases for weeks so our money is spent wisely. And he's a saver, not a spender. Like me.

He can fix things around the house. At least more things than I can.

He plays with our girls -- laughs, tickles, teases, hugs. He's a great daddy.

He doesn't yell when I do stupid things. Well, not much. Not all the time. Not anymore. :)

He warms up my side of the bed in the winter.

He tells me I look good even when I know I don't.

He has put up with me for 20+ years, and apparently intends to continue to do so.

Plus, he takes me out to nice restaurants once in a while. And did I mention his brown eyes?

Love you, honey. Happy Anniversary.


Anonymous said...

HA!!!!!! As if!
Good luck getting us to bed early!

victoria said...

I certainly shouldn't have read this one!!
He has brown eyes????

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Gwen and Keith. I don't remember the church being hot either, but my focus was on how happy you and keith looked and how happy I was for the both of you.
Blessing for a beautiful, wonderful 20 more years!
Julie W.

Keith said...

Awwww shucks! I guess the $10 I gave you to say something nice was a good investment!

You're far too nice sometimes. :)