Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Hate Exercise -- and I'm Sure You're All Astonished

My dance teacher stopped teaching her two-morning-a-week cardio dance class that just happened to fit perfectly into my brief personal time every morning. I'm bummed. Not that I blame her -- financially, it didn't make sense for her to continue a class with only four attendees. But it was the only thing keeping me exercising on a regular basis during the week.

I hate exercise -- this intentional working of your muscles merely for the sake of working your muscles. I seek purpose in my life. Yes, I understand that there is ultimate healthy purpose to exercise, but when I'm exhausted and in pain while on a treadmill (going nowhere) or an exercise bike (ditto) or a weight machine (lifting weight just to . . lift it?) -- the short-term futility of my behavior wipes out all motivation to continue.

That's why I liked the dance class. I enjoy dance. It has inherent value all to itself for me -- the health benefits are just icing on the cake.

I wonder what Adam and Eve would have thought of this concept of "exercise". I have a feeling that they did not have to force themselves to schedule a work-out into their day while tending the Garden. Just doesn't sound very Edenic to me. Is that because, in our pre-sin state, our not-as-yet-fallen bodies didn't need as much physical activity to maintain themselves? Is it because pre-sin people had a natural affinity for physical activity and sought it out voluntarily for pleasure? Is it because their typical daily activities provided enough physical activity to meet their bodies' needs?

Somehow, I think it was the last choice there. I'm guessing they weren't as lethargic and sedentary as we are. I wish I weren't so lethargic and sedentary. However, considering my natural gifts tend to be more in the cerebral realm than the physical realm, I'm afraid lethargy is something of an occupational hazard.

Nevertheless, I'm headed downstairs to the exercise bike. Hey -- maybe I can figure out a way to blog while I exercise. A-HA! Now that would be a great thing all around! Hmmmmm......

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Anonymous said...

How about riding a real bike or walking outside so you are going somewhere? I know, I know. revolutionary!