Monday, April 5, 2010


I have a cold. Sniffle. This is not unusual for me at Easter time. I remember the year we did the group dance at Hope Church on Easter morning, I was miserable with a cold all weekend. Hard to get into the spirit of things when you're head is stuffed up and foggy.

I took a Zyrtec yesterday wondering if this is actually allergies. In New Jersey, I had to take Zyrtec daily in the spring and twice a week or so through summer and fall. But last year, I didn't need allergy meds all year long. I kind of thought maybe I'm not allergic to anything in Iowa, which would be sweet. The Zyrtec didn't help much yesterday, and this doesn't really feel like allergies -- it feels like a genuine cold.

One of the nice things about illness, however -- I can justify taking medication at night, like Nyquil. Meds that knock me out. Nyquil is wo-o-onderful stuff. I sleep all night, deeply. We've also been on spring break for the last few days, so I haven't had to get up before I felt awake and ready to get up. Put all that together, and I'm sleepin' pretty these days, so to speak.

Sometimes I wonder if there's any better feeling than waking up in the morning, drowsy and comfortable and wanting to fall back asleep again, and knowing that . . you CAN fall back asleep again! That there is nothing standing in the way between you and the thing which, at that moment, is the greatest desire of your heart. Ahhh!! I imagine heaven feeling something like that. Nothing standing in the way between you and the greatest desire of your heart. Of course, hell might be that way, too. It's all a matter of what the greatest desire of your heart is.

Tomorrow we're back to routine. And I have to drive the carpool. Eight more weeks until summer? Sniffle. Maybe I can make it.

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