Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day Four . . .

Still vacationing . . . and we've seen a lot.

- Mt. Rushmore: Beautiful. Inspiring. Just what you would expect. But we went back in the evening to see the night show, and that was very disappointing. Plus then, we had to fight the ridiculous crowd to get out of the parking garage.

- Crazy Horse Memorial: We didn't actually go in -- it was $27 per vehicle (Rushmore was only $10!). But you could see it from the highway. I wanted to see it because when I was here as a child, they only had the smallest of starts on it. Cool to see the progress. But they finished Rushmore in 12 years or so -- I wonder why Crazy Horse is taking so long?

- Jewel Cave: The second longest cave in the world. We did the "Scenic Tour". Beautiful down there! Our favorite part was the "cave bacon", a 25-foot long something-or-other that looked exactly like bacon.

- Trail ride: Mostly for Leslie, our horse girl. The girls loved it. I must have been sitting wrong somehow -- my knees and ankles were killing me! I could hardly walk for a few minutes after we got off.

- Chuckwagon barbecue: beef, beans, baked potato, peach half, biscuit, gingerbread . . all served up on a tin plate with lemonade in a tin cup. And then a show of cowboy music. An entertaining evening!

- Deadwood: We did the walking tour . . saw where Wild Bill Hickok was shot . . read about panning for gold . . walked through a mediocre museum . . since we weren't interested in gambling, there didn't seem to be much for us here.

- The Bighorn Mountains: while driving across Wyoming to Cody. Oh. My. Goodness!!! I do believe this was the most beautiful scenic drive I've ever been on. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

The next two days are devoted to Yellowstone. More to come.....

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Casey (from dance) said...

Sounds like a fun time- Crazy Horse is taking so long because they rely on public donations to do it. They don't take any money from the government. We went there a few years ago and I swear that it didn't cost us a thing to get in...maybe they're trying to get it done faster now :)