Friday, July 2, 2010

Talkin' 'Bout My Generation

My second year of teaching ('91-'92 school year), I sponsored the school's pep club. I remember a meeting we had to make plans for the club-sponsored dance. They were talking DJs, and one of the girls on the Board said, "Oh, we have to get someone who'll play all those oldies from the 80s!" I thought, No. No, no, no. My music is NOT oldies.

Well, there's no denying oldie status now. For the 80s, I mean, not for me. Just sayin'.

Eastin's music/art/dance/drama camp this week had an 80s theme. They danced to Thriller, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Kids of America, Mr. Roboto . . I had a hard time shutting up and sitting still while I watched. They also did some "pop art" projects -- Eastin's had picture of a Rubik's cube and a Simon game. They made friendship bracelets and the little beaded safety pin things we used to swap with each other. Gad, the stuff we forget!

For the final show yesterday, the kids were supposed to dress up in 80s garb. I groaned when we got the memo on that. I had no idea what to do with her. They sent home a list of ideas: solid-color polo shirts, leggings, ripped jeans, leg warmers, big hair, bright makeup, shades . . . I couldn't even find my leg warmers. We finally put her in black sparkly leggings and a bright pink shirt and pulled her hair into a ponytail on the side. Most of the girls there were in Flashdance-like garb. I didn't even think of that. Wouldn't have helped if I had, though -- I wouldn't know how to recreate the look. I just don't do costumes, folks.

I still have a hard time thinking of the 80s as an era, like the 60s or the 50s. But I suppose it is -- or was. Was the 90s? Or the 2000s? They feel even less distinctive to me. My mother-in-law always says she doesn't remember anything about the 60s; she was too busy having babies at the time. I think I'll appropriate that excuse for myself. Grown-up culture pretty much passed me by after childbirth in '96.

When my girls are grown, they'll be talking about the twenty-teens, or something like that. Their generation. And the 80s will be ancient history. Wow.

I haven't felt this old since the American Girl series came out with the Julie books, about a girl who is nine years old in 1974. 1974, people!! Get me -- I'm historical! :)

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