Monday, July 5, 2010

Thoughts While Getting a Massage

- Ooo . . her hands are warm. Good deal.

- This is a student massage at the massage school in South Sioux. She seems to be doing a good job so far. Very friendly. Too friendly. I wish she'd stop trying to engage me in conversation and let me relax.

- I remember the first massage I ever got. At a resort on a vacation. The masseur was a man, and I was a little anxious about the whole thing. Then he sat down before he started working on me and asked if I would mind if he prayed first. Would I mind? Wow!

- Ouch. Why do my forearm muscles hurt so much? Too much computer time?

- So, who gave you the gift certificate for the massage, she asks. My family, for Christmas -- four massages for throughout the year, through October. Well, that's better than a diamond necklace, isn't it, she says. The gift that keeps on giving! Yes, it is. But I still wish you'd stop talking to me.

- I'm amazed at how commonplace massages have become in some circles. There are an awful lot of people I know -- and not wealthy ones -- who, from the way they talk, get massages on a pretty regular basis. They used to be a luxury, right? When did they become regular healthcare maintenance? I only get them when they are given to me as gifts.

- Time to turn over . . and out comes the padded horseshoe for my face. It always looks more comfortable than it is.

- I wonder what all goes into the training to be a masseuse. Do they learn the detailed structure of our muscles? Do they do exercises to strengthen their hands and forearms? This girl would probably tell me if I asked, but that would just start up a conversation, and she seems to have caught on to the fact that I prefer the silence.

- Always interesting the parts of my body where they find knots that hurt the most . . . my left shoulder, my forearms, the insteps of my feet, certains spots around my shoulder blades -- and the very bottom of my lower back. What up with that?

- I should look more into what are supposed to be the health benefits of massages. I always hear about it getting rid of toxins or something like that. I don't even know what that means.

- And . . it's over. Bummer. It's always so hard to get up from the table. Yeah, I should do this more often.

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