Monday, July 9, 2012

And the Answer Is . . .

So, as you know, we took a trip to Boquete, Panama, with the purpose of considering a move there.  And Boquete was absolutely beautiful.  Lovely and fascinating people there.  It was an exciting week!  And as we discussed the idea of move a couple days ago, we found that we felt absolutely, positively . . . neutral.
Yep.  Just kinda neutral.  It would be fine to live there – some ups, some downs.  But we didn’t feel any genuine pu-u-ull. 
Hubby loved the terrain, but didn’t necessarily yet see a place for himself there yet.
I liked the climate and the ministry opportunities, but I still worry about the girls having much of a social network.
The youngest LOVED the adventure of Panama while we were there, but she realized when we came home that the adventure aspect would end and life might not be quite as exciting then.
The oldest . . . well, she told us on the first day she didn’t want to live in Panama.  She’s had to deal with a lot of changes the last few years – and college is coming in a couple years – she just wants to limit dramatic adjustments in her life as much as possible.  Understandable.
But overall, we decided that a collective feeling of neutrality probably isn’t strong enough to carry us through such a major decision.  Not that neutrality is a bad thing.  Personally, I find it very encouraging that I was spiritually brought to a point of submission that I was willing to do this thing – this thing so very out of my character – if it was God’s will for my life.  Willing and cheerful, even.  With little major anxiety.  If the whole venture was just about bringing me to that kind of submission and trust and peace, it was worth it.
Or if it was just about making hubby consider his retirement years more seriously . . . what exactly God has called him to when life isn’t about financially supporting the family anymore.  Or if it was just about the oldest thinking seriously about her next few years of life and what she wants to do and doesn’t want to do with them.  Or if it was just about awakening in the youngest a passion for adventure.  Yep, it was worth it.
Not that the idea of moving to Panama – or anywhere out of the country – is off the table entirely.  We’ll continue to explore possibilities for a few years down the road.  Or maybe retirement, when the girls are gone.  But unless a job for hubby simply doesn’t pan out in the next couple months (and we came home to more possibilities open there), now doesn’t seem to be the time for this particular step.
It just seems that if God was beckoning us to this faraway place right now, he would have put in our hearts something more significant than a resounding “maybe”.


Anonymous said...

Revelation Chapter 18

There's a lady who tells
All that glitters is gold
And she's trying to buy the stairway
To Heaven

If she gets there she knows
If the doors are all closed
With a word she can still get
What she came for.

OOOH. I don't have to wonder.
OOOH. I don't have to wonder.

There's a sign on the wall
But she knows she is sure
Because the words can only have
One meaning.

On a tree by the brook
There was a Songbird who sang
Sometimes all of her thoughts are

No. I don't have to wonder.
No. We don't have to wonder.

Your head might be hummin'
And did you know?
The piper's calling you
To join him.

But making decisions in this
Cesspool, called the world now
Takes the light of Christ
And His peace within.

And as they wind on down the road.
Their shadows taller than their souls.
There rides a whore that we should know.
Who shines colored lights for the show.
How everything can turn to gold.
But if they listen very hard
The truth will be proclaimed to them from above.
The whole World, she'll fall down Yeah!!!
Just read in the Revelations
He wrote it down.................

And Babylon thinks she's ascending to Heaven.

p.s. Making big move decisions in this world is tough. She is the same one who'll deceive the kings. What's more important is that is was a family, get together,consensus "hey this affects all of us", show the young ones how to intelligently (with logic!) AND with intuition decide on something with so many consequences. It didn't sound like any will was being ramrodded. It is the soundness of the family unit under His leadership. You know, Sioux City could still use a family like yours. Cory Cvrk

GJK said...

If God gives us a job in SC, this family like ours would be thrilled to stay. :)

Christopher said...

Gwen, I appreciate your discernment process and that you're sharing it so openly. A good work that I suspect will bear good fruit well beyond your family. I also tend to think you're interpretation of where each family member and the family as a whole are at clarifying their journey and choices are well founded.

I have to say I'm fascinated by the first comment here - titled Revelation Chapter 18 - but actually citing parts of a well known Led Zepplin tune with a significantly changed (and theologically charged) ending. There are some folks that find connections to Revelation and other parts of the Bible in the song, but not (that I can find) to Rev. Ch. 18... (interestingly, most "Christian" commentary on the song claims it has hidden satanic messages..., I'm sure those folks would be horrified to see the lyrics seemingly cited as Scripture... lol).

Nor does Chapter 18 seem to really stand on it's own as something one would cite. (given the argument the poster is making, Ch. 17 or 19 each stand on their own better, as would the whole sweep of those chapters, but 18 alone? Seems an odd citation.

It's just puzzling to me, not necessarily wrong (although I have a quite different approach to theology and pretty clearly a different understanding of the book and the song), but puzzling. I'm mainly hoping the poster doesn't actually think these words are, in fact, the 18th chapter of the Book of Revelation. (although that would be kind of funny, given both the theology of the post and what Revelation has to say about changing its words...)

Ah well - I wish both you and that poster many blessings on your journeys. - Christopher

GJK said...

LOL! My friend Cory is an avid Bible scholar. He knows the actual content of Rev 18. May even have it memorized. :) Rest assured on that front, Chris. But he's also a poet and makes interesting mental connections . . . maybe he'll elaborate for us if he sees this.

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,

I am sorry. I'm not well understood sometimes. For the record, I do think that satanic band got the lyrics from below. In it I think the spirit (demon) is identifying the "Lady" with the Church of God. It is trying to charge Her with hypocrisy.

I surely have more thoughts on this song but it is late.

Sorry again,
Cory Cvrk

p.s. My seven children and I poke fun at quite a number of things and stupid songs make great targets. :) Praise be to God!! I love His humor. He mocks those who raise their hand against Him.