Friday, July 13, 2012

# 500

This, my friends, is my 500th blog post.  That amazes me.  When I started blogging almost four years ago -- just to keep my Jersey friends up-to-date on our move to Iowa -- I never imagined it would last this long or become this valuable to me. 

I realize many of you are relatively new readers, so in honor of this milestone, I thought I'd give you a quick introduction to some of the highlights of my last four years on the web.

"The Hawkeye State" -- post number four, about my first impressions of my new home state.

The "Comments to Ona" series -- where I had a discussion with my friend about why I believe what I believe.  Start with this link and check the archives to the right for the rest (a total of eight, between March and April of '09). 

"Thoughts While Driving the Garden State Parkway to the Tappan Zee" -- from a visit back to Jersey in the spring of '09.  One of my personal favorites.

"Praying at the Rodeo", "Pigs, Pies and Cow Chip Bingo", and "Are You Ready to Watch Some Cars Get Smashed Up?" -- adventures in Iowa.

"Now Listen, You Rich People" -- the first in another series, this one about what the Bible has to say to the rich.  This started a lot of interesting conversations . . . again, it's a series of five or six posts, all following this one. 

"Being a Conservative" -- my most read post, far and away.  Three times as many pageviews as the next most read and about ten times as many as I average per post.  I have no idea where all those readers came from, but that's pretty cool. 

"How to Cuss" -- another one of my personal favorites.  :) 

"Let's Caucus" -- my account of the Iowa State Caucuses this year.

So, these are some of my favorites . . . or most widely-read . . . or the ones that seemed to generate a lot of interest.  (I haven't included my Panama posts because they're pretty recent.)  But I would be very curious to hear if you have another favorite.  It's always helpful to know what people appreciate most that I write about -- numbers of pageviews or comments don't always tell the whole story.

And thank you again to those of you who read my silly musings.  I do appreciate you more than you know.  :)

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