Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It Starts With a "P"

Hubby was checking online last night for the date of the local Daddy/Daughter Date Night event sponsored by the Rec Center.  "Guess what the theme is this year?" he asked our youngest.  "I'll give you a hint:  it starts with a P."

She thought for a while.  I offered "Pirate?" as a possibility.  Nope, no pirate theme. 

Suddenly her face perked up.  "Potential?" she asked.

Ahem.  Potential????  What the heck??

We roared about that for a while, and hubby gave her another clue:  it starts with PR.


Yes, dear.  Everybody goes to the Daddy/Daughter Date Night dressed as their favorite principal -- which would be a bit awkward for you since you're homeschooled and your principal is your DATE.


Oh, dear.  At least this is getting closer.  "It's not 'Prognosis' either, honey," hubby tells her.

At this point, we're all in stitches too much to offer any more guesses.  I suppose my twelve-year-old is truly not a little girl anymore when she can't come up with a "Princess" theme for Daddy/Daughter Date Night.

"Potential."  Smirk.  This is what happens when a vocab-loving, grammar-diva English teacher homeschools.

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Anonymous said...

I got tears from laughing at this one.