Friday, January 11, 2013

"Sex Makes You Stupid"

My youngest introduced me recently to a song that her sister introduced her to:  Maroon 5’s “One More Night”.  She was hesitant about the song at first because, she said, the lyrics seemed to be “very inappropriate” (her words . . . obviously introjected from a lifetime with me).  But as she listened, she decided that the lyrics actually had a pretty good message.
But baby there you again, there you again making me love you
Yeah I stopped using my head, using my head let it all go
Got you stuck on my body, on my body like a tattoo
And now I'm feeling stupid, feeling stupid crawling back to you . . .
“I think,” she said, “that this is about how now that they’ve had sex, they're having a hard time leaving even though they realize this is a really lousy relationship.”  Looking at the full lyrics, I think that’s a reasonable interpretation.
And it seems all the more reasonable to me in light of an article a friend recently shared with me titled, “Sex Makes You Stupid”.  The author talks about how sex has a physiological effect of “clouding your vision”, giving you a case of temporary amnesia about certain transgressions and faults in your spouse.  And this is a good thing in a healthy marriage.  When you spend so much time together over many years, it is important to be able to let go of the minor annoyances and missteps.  God "programmed" that little blessing into the sex act to help smooth out the rough places in our marriages.
However, what is a blessing and a bond-enhancer in a marriage can be disastrous in a dating relationship.  Have you ever met anyone who is in a relationship where there are being treated like crap?  And you’ve wondered, why in the WORLD do they put up with this?  Why can’t they see this for what it really is?  I bet you that nine times out of ten, that couple is sleeping together.  Sex clouds your vision.  And you do NOT want your vision clouded during the part of the relationship where you are figuring out if you can trust this person with your heart.
I’m very glad my daughter gets this.  And very impressed that she seemed to get it before I even brought it up.  Not bad for a twelve-year-old.

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