Monday, March 18, 2013

I'd Like To Thank . . .

 . . . a few people for little things they did that make a big difference in my life.

Cindy: for homeschooling in front of me and showing me how very normal it can be – even better than “normal”.
Mike, my former boss: for standing behind me when the superintendent’s son plagiarized a paper in my class and I gave him an F.  My first step in training to do the right hard things.
Eileen: for voicing out loud in front of me her pep talks to herself on crappy days – “We must not grow weary of doing good . . . “  I will forever hear that precious verse in a Puerto Rican accent.
Randy: for saying, “I know you keep telling me you’re not a writer – and, okay, I believe you – but I would love to see you take a shot at writing one of these skits.”  There’s about fifty homeschool kids in Sioux City who’ve performed in the eight plays I’ve written for them . . . they’d like to thank you, too.
Tracy:  for being a faithful prayer warrior.  “Was there anything going on at 2:30am last night?  I got the overwhelming urge to pray for your family, so I got up and prayed.  After about an hour, I felt more peace and went to bed.  But if you ever find out what was going on at 2:30 last night, I’d love to know!”  I never found out . . . but I suspect whatever it was didn’t happen because you were a faithful guard at the watchtower.
Scott:  for telling me at a Godspell dance rehearsal in early July 2006, “You really look good tonight, Gwen!”  I know you were just being polite, but you didn't know the pit of all-consuming despair I was in that night and how healing it was for a handsome young man to tell me I looked good, just for a moment.

Thank you, friends.  I pray that I learn to be as faithful in the small things as you were.

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Vianelli and Eastin said...

Well! Love you too Mom! :P