Friday, March 1, 2013

That Bill They Passed Without Reading

Our one year of “emergency health insurance” we paid for when hubby’s severance package ran out is ending, so he’s been talking to the insurance guy about renewing.  (BTW, I know I have readers who don’t see me face-to-face to ask about the job search, so to satisfy your curiosity and concern .  . . yes, he’s still got possible jobs in the works.  They come – they go.  He interviews – they love him – they decide they can’t fill the position right now – Choice #2 has more retail experience or sales experience or lives locally -- yada yada.  The saga continues.  Prayers are appreciated.)

But back to our health insurance needs.  Here are the new rates quoted to us.
For 6 months of coverage, paid by the month: $270 a month.
For 6 months of coverage, paid in a lump sum: $213 a month.
For 11 months of coverage, paid by the month: $405 a month (no, that’s not a typo).
For 11 months of coverage, paid in a lump sum:  $370 a month.
Although he suspected the reason (and was right), hubby asked the insurance agent why the drastic increase (because there should be a decent discount when you pay for longer coverage, right?  They want to encourage you to buy more insurance, yes?). 
The answer?  Eleven months of coverage will go a month into 2014.  Obamacare is going to kick in in 2014.  Insurance rates will be going up dramatically.  That $405 a month is the average per month cost over eleven months with the increased rate figured in for just the last month.
Sigh.  I have no words.  (Wait, that's a lie.  I have many words -- I'm just declining to share them.)

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