Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Taking Requests, Sort Of

For some reason, I had a really lousy night of sleep last night.  Woke up almost every hour.  Can't tell you why.  But during a few of those wakeful moments, I lay there and wondered what I was going to blog about today.

Not that I don't have ideas.  I keep a list of interesting quotes, fleeting thoughts, and what-all that I suspect could be fodder for future posts.  There's something in there I could have expounded on for a few paragraphs.

But the thing is, since the New Year, my readership has declined dramatically, as least as measured by the number of pageviews on each post.  (I realize some of you get these by email, and those don't register as pageviews.  Also, if someone reads the blog by going to the main site and not clicking on an individual post, it doesn't register as a pageview either.  But still -- numbers are down.) 

Not that this is a huge deal to me.  Because, as I've said before, my primary purpose for this blog is purely selfish, I'm afraid.  It trains me in the discipline of a writer.  It also give me a place to articulate thoughts and feelings and ideas for myself.  I'm one of those people who doesn't feel like I understand something if I can't put it into words well.  My blog organizes my brain.

On the other hand, if that were the only purpose for the blog, I could keep it in a ratty notebook somewhere instead of on a fancy little page online for the world to see.  Fact is, knowing that others are reading my brain farts makes me take them more seriously.  And getting reaction and feedback from intelligent friends (and even the flaky ones) sharpens my thinking process. 

So, the decline in readership upsets me a bit -- and, I'll admit, hits my pride to some extent.  I mean, where the heck did everybody go?

However, pondering this all in bed this morning at 2:30 . . . and 3:30 . . . and 4:30 (stupid, elusive sleep) . . . I wondered what people would be interested in reading about on my blog.  I have a pretty broad topic base -- I write about education, the Bible, politics, current events, family issues, my faithwalk.  And I haven't noticed much of a pattern necessarily, in the past, as to what people read and what they pass by.

So, here's a chance for you to chime in.  What do you enjoy reading the most here?  What would you like to see me write more about?  Not that I'm promising to go there, but if I know people are interested in engaging in this conversation versus that one, the preferred topic may be on my mind more.  Leave me a comment or something and let me know.

Because frankly, the only posts that have gotten significant readership since the New Year have been about sex.  And . . . you know . . . I hate to think my friends are all about that . . .


Ona Marae said...

I have adopted and been adopted by a family who are naturalized citizens from Mexico. Because of their immigration status, they risk many dangers that American born citizens don't. I could give you the details in a letter. I would love to hear your wrestling with the declarations of God to be good to the foriengner in our midst, and i can give you some bible versus to ponder. That's one idea.

I also had to turn down attending my best friend from college's son's wedding. She can't "decide" how she "feels about homosexuality" and she is hte liberal one in hte family. The wedding is many miles from where I live and I have no transportation. Of the people I would ask to be escorts, all of them are lesbian too. The attention at a wedding should be on the bride and groom, not the shocking lesbian couple in the corner table. I would do nothing to take away from my fairy godson's wedding. But I have great grief about not being able to go as well. There is also the grief t hat I can't do this....I can't get married. I would love to hear you ponder and write about this as well. again, i could giv eyou more detail in an email. I hope my reading is showing up on your numbers. I read it t hrough FB does that count? should i leave a message every time to make it count?'

thanks for asking

GJK said...

Thanks, Spesh. Yes, reading through FB "counts". :)

Vianelli and Eastin said...

ME! Hehe!