Monday, April 15, 2013

And Life is Never the Same Again

About thirty-five years ago, my mother was debating whether she could get a microwave oven.  She was a very traditional homemaker and had cooked meals for her family with a traditional stovetop and oven for decades.  She just couldn’t imagine that she would make much use of this new-fangled thing.  But she quickly caught on.  By the time she passed away, I’m not sure she ever cooked in anything but her microwave.

I believe I’m experiencing a similar phenomenon.
We’ve been waiting for many months to replace our family’s broken down cell phones.  Now that employment is pending and birthdays are fast approaching, it was time.  Hubby researches this stuff very well and picked out a couple of phones that were good quality and also happened to be on sale right now.   So, we all trooped to the Verizon store the other night to pick out new smart phones for the girls and I (hubby just received his in the mail from his new company).

I wasn’t sure I needed a “smart phone”.  My cheap little tracphone has served my purposes over the years.  All I wanted was an actual keyboard to type texts on (now that I text more often) and a plan where I don’t have to count minutes.  All this extra stuff did not seem necessary.  I do just fine without it now.
Then I got my Droid.  Oh, my goodness.  This could change my life.
Not only can I make calls on this thing . . . I can check emails on this thing.  I can do Facebook on this thing.  I can keep my calendar and all my to-do lists on this thing.  I can TALK at this thing and it types what I say.  I can play Sudoku on it.  I can Skype my husband when he’s in San Antonio.  I can take pictures and videos.  I can look up directions.  I can find the closest pizza place.  I can listen to music.  But did you catch that most critical fact there, folks:  I can keep my calendar and to-do lists on this thing.  ALL of them!  Oh. My. Goodness. 
I realize this is all old news for many of you.  You’re ROFL-ing right now at my silly out-of-date self.  That’s just fine – enjoy your roll.  And I’ll enjoy reading your snide comments using my FB app on my NEW PHONE.

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